Unity Game Engine, Writing==Developing, Final Coming Up, Planet Earth Loop

I’m installing Unity, the game engine.  Last summer, I left a project with an educational game development group where I was entrusted with the task to develop an original, nonlinear narrative.

You see, prior to computer science, my life long dream was, and still is, to write.  I was entrusted with the task of writing a game, something I had never done before.  I ended up writing an outline, after outline.  Each week I would meet with the team and present my new ideas.  These sessions slowly disheartened me because I wouldn’t leave the meetings with boundaries or direction on what was good or what was bad.  Instead, I was asked to think more outside of the box.  While the team ultimately was not able to produce a finished product, what I realized through the experience was the importance of retraining and finding myself in the future of computer science.

Now, a year after, with a solid two semesters of computer science, I am installing Unity on my Macbook Air because I want to try developing games again.  This time around, I understand how object oriented design works, I am familiar with all the complex jargon commonly heard in the tutorials.  So, like picking up a book I had given up on because it was too hard, I’m hoping this time around it will be much easier.

I plan to build these early copy-cat games for the web, so hopefully, my blogs will soon have embedded games.

My dream has and still is, to write.  Nowadays, that writing has become developing.  They’re the same thing, I tell myself.  Just as Hemingway woke up each morning to write the next paragraph of a project, I wake up excited to write the next block of code for a program.

In the long run, having studied Literature for four-years, developing an attention span that can work on a project hour after hour, mastering methods of changing one’s perspective to look through another lens, thinking outside of the box, all of the little skills like that will help me in my coming career as a software developer.

Thoughts on School.  A week before my Discrete Math final, I am glad summer courses are easy.  But I know very well that my Discrete Structures course is going to balance the easy out and be super difficult.  Either way, after my final exam next Tuesday, I have to take the initiative and practice, like hardcore, all the example problems in Rosen’s Discrete Mathematics.

I also need to get myself a copy of Cracking The Coding Interview, as I’ve read and re-read on different forums that it’s best to study Discrete Mathematics, Structures with questions that are asked during coding interviews.  Afterall, one day I do want to land a job, at a company, make a comfortable living, etc.

Other Thoughts:  Some folks like to listen to music while they code.  Then there’s me.  I like to turn on my TV, load up Netflix, then watch BBC’s Planet Earth on mute.  Sir Attenborough is great, but I just want to code on my computer then when I need to recharge, I just look up and watch the weird, beautiful, crazy things that make up life outside of modern humanity.

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